Mameri Rochas

With excellence in production and supply of natural stones, Mameri Rochas focuses on domestic and international customer satisfaction.

For over 15 years, Mameri Rochas Group has been serving domestic and international natural stone markets with the most diverse materials in a range of colours and textures, both basic and exotic. With several owned and established third parties quarries, Mameri Rochas Group has extracted and commercialized materials from quarry cuttings to factory diamond cuttings to suit every designer’s taste and style with innovative finishes using sustainable materials and techniques. Since it was founded, the company has grown continuously, offering a distinct and comprehensive line of materials with advanced stone working capabilities. It is now becoming a benchmark name for quality in the Natural Stone market.

The company invests in sophisticated and high-technology equipment to ensure its customers have high quality materials.

Mameri Rochas was set up by the need to benefit the blocks extracted from Mameri Mining quarries, thus adding value and providing high quality products to its customers.

Since it was founded, Mameri Rochas Group has grown continuously, becoming a benchmark name for quality in the Natural Stone market.

Our Team

Our team consists of trained professionals to release a distinguished service to our clients.


Áureo Mameri is a Civil Engineer who has post graduated in Natural Stone. After years of experience in the construction sector, Aureo decided to start his own business. He has always had a passion for Natural Stone and in 1990 he set up his first quarry, Gold Black. Since then he has never stopped. Mameri Rochas Group now counts with several quarries and a very well established factory, which directly employs more than 80 people. Áureo has also been recognized by his experience and knowledge in Natural Stone. For 10 years, he was the head of SindRochas, which is a non-profit association that was responsible for all of the sectors interests and needs.
Elisabeth Mameri is a Civil Engineer who has post graduated in Natural Stone. Elisabeth has worked as Civil Engineer since 2000, when she became the co-owner of Mameri Rochas Group. Since then Elisabeth has been responsible for all operations and contracts, playing a key role in the company.

Classic Granites

Classic Granites are the standard materials. However, the classic line counts with a wide variety of patterns with the most different colours. Classic Granites are already established and well known in the market and are suitable to be used in internal as well as external areas.